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How much will it cost?

There are three ways to retain our firm depending on the type of service you require and the particulars of the litigation:

Contingency Fee – A contingency fee is a fee based on the outcome. Kapelos Law charges a 30% fee plus disbursements and HST on any settlement negotiated or judgment litigated on your behalf. Contingency fees do not apply to criminal or family law matters and are subject to Kapelos Law being satisfied that an opposing party is capable of paying a settlement and/or judgment;

Agreed-to Fee – For many routine matters involving the preparation of documents or applications in non-contentious matters such as an uncontested divorce, probate of an Estate or the purchase, sale or refinancing of real estate and/or businesses the fee will be quoted by Kapelos Law prior to commencing the matter; and

Hourly Fee – For complicated or contested matters such as negotiating a complex separation agreement, a contested matrimonial matter, acting for defendants in a civil action or other litigation the fee is an hourly fee being charged at the rate(s) of the lawyer(s) who is handling the matter.

How long will it take?

The amount of time required to complete a matter depends on the circumstances of the particular matter, the requirements of the legal process and the availability of the Court or Tribunal involved. For example, personal injury matters may not be settled until a claimant has fully recovered as it is difficult to estimate the damages caused by an injury until a person’s health has been returned to normal or has plateaued, i.e., the impairment has become permanent and there is no prospect of any improvement in the person’s health as a personal injury claim should not be settled prior to full recovery in order that the appropriate award be achieved. In Workers’ Compensation matters the procedural requirements for appealing a decision and the limited availability of officers to hear appeals are often the cause of delays but with persistence a successful result can be achieved. At Kapelos Law the lawyers and support staff are committed to providing quality legal representation in a timely fashion.